09-12-2017: Can Supercritical Systems Significantly Increase Electricity Generation at Geothermal Power Plants Like The Geysers?

The answer is yes.  Consider the Z Group Energy (ZGE) patented, sealed geothermal system which manufactures supercritical fluids, converting them to steam for use in electricity generation at costs nearly one-half that of current production costs.  Using H2O as the heat carrying fluid, our patented system yields zero polluting emissions.  Supercritical temperatures are obtained geothermally using […]

08-11-2017 Geothermal Update: Iceland’s IDDP-2 Developments

Per a February 2017, IDDP press release, the Iceland Deep Drilling Project  on the Reykjanes Peninsula, January 25, 2017 completed drilling of its newest IDDP-2 well at a depth of 4,659 meters (15,286 feet), where bottom of well temperature reached a supercritical 427°C (800°F) with fluid pressure of 340 bars (4,930 psi).  Taking advantage of […]