09-12-2017: Can Supercritical Systems Significantly Increase Electricity Generation at Geothermal Power Plants Like The Geysers?

The answer is yes.  Consider the Z Group Energy (ZGE) patented, sealed geothermal system which manufactures supercritical fluids, converting them to steam for use in electricity generation at costs nearly one-half that of current production costs.  Using H2O as the heat carrying fluid, our patented system yields zero polluting emissions.  Supercritical temperatures are obtained geothermally using hot, dry rock.  Our sealed method can be used anywhere, does not use below-ground water or fluids thereby eliminating any need for expensive, permeability improving, Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

photo by www.thisismyheaven.com
Supercritical Deep Ocean Vent

This ZGE system for geothermally producing supercritical water used for electricity generation can be installed and operated at any and every existing U.S geothermal power plant for nearly half today’s production cost; demanding only a small fraction of today’s water usage; and at the same time increases electric power capacity dramatically.

For example, electric capacity at The Geysers in northern California, currently the largest geothermal power plant in the United States with a capacity of 725 MW, is using many millions of gallons of water daily to produce a net 640 MW of electricity.  If The Geysers were to utilize its currently available quantity of water, employing the ZGE sealed, supercritical system; electricity generation at The Geysers could realistically be increased to 30,000 MW.  Would this not be amazing?

If you’d like to learn more as to how our ZGE system works, please visit our website at www.zgroupenergy.com.