11-06-2017: We Ask Ourselves?

We sometimes ask ourselves at Z Group Energy (ZGE); with so many governments around the world so concerned for so many decades about negative environmental impacts of global energy demand, energy usage and pollution; how is it possible that so few financial resources are invested in exploration of new, cutting-edge, financially viable, clean energy sources?

Beyond ever-popular wind and solar technologies, both of which present intermittent reliability issues and relatively high cost requiring tax payer subsidies, no significant investment is made to explore other more innovative, more reliable, more financially feasible alternatives.  Does this make sense to anyone?  Is this the best, 7.5 billion people on earth can do?

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers flew their heavier-than-air, aircraft for the first time.  They were a joke – until they weren’t.  Now, very few of us have not flown in a comfortable jet liner cruising above the clouds at nearly 600 mph and think nothing of it.

Between 1969 and 1972, six manned moon missions were flown; an impossible feat until it wasn’t.  Space flight and exploration are now a globally cooperative project we all take for granted.  We communicate by satellite every day of every week, like it’s nothing.  These things were impossible – until they weren’t.  Today, clean, affordable energy is not impossible; BUT we must allocate at least some resources and do some work to discover viable options.  The alternative status quo is not getting the job done; it’s not moving us forward in clean energy innovation.

Coal, natural gas and nuclear fueled electricity generation have been, and are wonderful; but common sense suggests making a plan for our increasingly energy demanding future; in turn demanding we explore options beyond today’s wind and solar status quo.  Like the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”.  Are we prepared?

At Z Group Energy, as one example, we’re engaged now, today, in developing a patented technology for sealed, geothermal manufacture of clean, supercritical water for electricity production at a Levelized Cost of Energy at or below $0.045/kWh. This technology can be used anywhere and used 100% of the time.  Viability of the ZGE supercritical technology is already being proven in real time by Phase II of the conventional geothermal, though supercritical, Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP-2).  Why are other countries around the world not exploring this untapped supercritical potential?  Our sealed ZGE system’s only by-product emission is clean water, so here we have just one, cost-effective, clean energy alternative that can be used anywhere at any time – not just when the sun shines or the wind blows.  How many other technologies are out there waiting to be explored?  We can’t know until we look.

If you’d like more information about ZGE’s sealed, clean & green, geothermal manufacture of supercritical water for cost-effective electricity generation, pay us a visit at our website:  www.zgroupenergy.com.

Thank so much for listening.