09-07-2017: Is Nuclear Fueled Supercritical Water a Step Forward?

One cutting-edge development in electricity generation is the concept of employing nuclear reactors for heating water to supercritical temperatures, that is, above 374 °C; to drive steam turbines, in turn driving generators producing electricity. This potential use of nuclear energy in Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactors (SCWR’s) has been studied for more than fifteen-years, in ten countries around […]

08-30-2017: Supercritical Fluid Energy Manufacture

How can Z Group Energy (ZGE) manufacture supercritical fluid below ground?  Good question. ZGE can do this by cost effectively employing its patented, sealed geothermal system to depths enabling the conductive capture of hot rock heat at temperatures high enough to produce supercritical fluids, say water above 374°C.  Using H2O as the thermal energy carrier […]