08-30-2017: Supercritical Fluid Energy Manufacture

How can Z Group Energy (ZGE) manufacture supercritical fluid below ground?  Good question.

ZGE can do this by cost effectively employing its patented, sealed geothermal system to depths enabling the conductive capture of hot rock heat at temperatures high enough to produce supercritical fluids, say water above 374°C.  Using H2O as the thermal energy carrier yields H2O as the only environmental emission from this supercritical manufacturing process.

The supercritical fluid, say water, can then be converted to steam to drive steam turbines for electricity production.  ZGE estimates its sealed system can produce electricity at levelized costs of energy (LCOE) around $0.045/kWh; nearly half the cost of today’s natural gas fueled electricity production.

Because the entire ZGE geothermal system is sealed and employs a fluid such as clean water supplied internally from within the system; no below ground fluids, brines, etc. are necessary, meaning the system can be employed anywhere and water usage is drastically reduced.  Conventional geothermal corrosion and toxicity issues are avoided.

Conventional geothermal is geographically restricted to volcanic areas having both hot rock AND substantial volumes of below ground fluid to harvest.  The sealed ZGE system overcomes this restriction and can be utilized on any acre of land anywhere.  Only the depth of drilling to hot rock varies per location.  No below ground in-place fluids are used.

The ZGE system is revolutionary with its ability to provide commercially viable quantities of electricity using clean supercritical H2O as the fuel at costs well below that of competing fuels.

If you’re curious, please feel free to contact Bruce.