09-07-2017: Is Nuclear Fueled Supercritical Water a Step Forward?

One cutting-edge development in electricity generation is the concept of employing nuclear reactors for heating water to supercritical temperatures, that is, above 374 °C; to drive steam turbines, in turn driving generators producing electricity. This potential use of nuclear energy in Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactors (SCWR’s) has been studied for more than fifteen-years, in ten countries around […]

08-11-2017 Geothermal Update: Iceland’s IDDP-2 Developments

Per a February 2017, IDDP press release, the Iceland Deep Drilling Project  on the Reykjanes Peninsula, January 25, 2017 completed drilling of its newest IDDP-2 well at a depth of 4,659 meters (15,286 feet), where bottom of well temperature reached a supercritical 427°C (800°F) with fluid pressure of 340 bars (4,930 psi).  Taking advantage of […]

08-08-2017: Closed System Geothermal Energy

Why is closed system geothermal electricity generation important? Our 21st century world is electric.  Until and when we divine a cleaner, more useful energy methodology, say on a paranormal ether harvesting plane or whatever, it’s important we generate electricity in the most environmentally friendly, cost effective way possible.  Some may be uncomfortable with mentioning cost […]

08-02-2017: The ZGE Exchange Chamber and Geothermal Viability

If we were to investigate geothermal energy applications, say for a university term paper or maybe just for fun; because that’s the sort of thing many of us would do with our Saturday morning, we might run across U.S. Patent 8,381,523 B2, which in turn could prompt the question, what is an Exchange Chamber?   What […]