08-08-2017: Closed System Geothermal Energy

Why is closed system geothermal electricity generation important?

Our 21st century world is electric.  Until and when we divine a cleaner, more useful energy methodology, say on a paranormal ether harvesting plane or whatever, it’s important we generate electricity in the most environmentally friendly, cost effective way possible.  Some may be uncomfortable with mentioning cost effectiveness within the same sentence discussing environment; I get that, but we should all realize the poverty-stricken do not spend large portions of citizen produced wealth on environmental clean-up or advanced alternative technologies.  That’s not to say the most destitute among us deem it unimportant; but for any of us on Main Street, food on the table, a roof overhead and reliable healthcare tend to be at or near the top of our resource and wealth allocation survival list.

In our known world of limited resources, economic reality has historically demanded desirable, sustainable human activities have some realistic way to pay for themselves or true sustainability doesn’t exist.  The simplest way I know of to accomplish activity sustainability is structuring the activity in terms of positive return on investment.  If this can be done, the activity is self-sustaining.  If this can’t be done, then a connected string of interdependent activities could be created whereby economically viable activities subsidize less viable activities.  History however, suggests that depending how well the interdependent activity teams are structured and motivated, the probability of hard working humans agreeing to or remaining content within this type of system is low, which returns us to our consideration of net positive return on investment.

Net positive return can be hindered by a variety of circumstances.  Poor organizational structure and/or unsuccessful management of the activity itself are common ones, though improved management strategies could alleviate the problem.  Other circumstances, typically beyond management’s direct control are availability and cost of materials, labor, energy, shipping, taxation, etc.  In a world where wealth competes for limited resources, any of these impact sustainability of the activity, which of course, brings us back to our original question, “why is closed system geothermal important”?

Closed system geothermal energy harvesting for generation of electricity, as proposed by Z Group Energy’s U.S. Patent 8, 381, 523 B2 may well be the single most sustainable, most cost-effective, zero emissions technology yet discovered for electricity production.  Here are just a few closed system geothermal advantages offered over today’s conventional geothermal, two-pipe, injection-well / return-well systems; or for that matter over other alternative energy sources.

Some Benefits of Closed Geothermal Heat Harvesting at Supercritical Temperatures are:
No fracking; no direct, internal system contact with below-ground geothermal brines; no treatment of corrosive or toxic below-ground brines; virtual elimination of potential de-stabilization of geologic strata by fracking; no emissions other than water; more cost effective than natural gas or any other fossil fuel generated electric power; more cost effective than any other alternative energy source currently under consideration; adequate renewable heat source, sustainable for many thousands of years available everywhere, but more cost effective in some locations than others.  At temperatures below supercritical, that is 374°C, all benefits listed above apply, excepting unit costs of production will be higher.

In less than 600 words, this is why closed system geothermal is so critically important to continued, sustained, civilized success of our 21st century lives.  Closed system geothermal energy can make a significant contribution to a less expensive, more abundant, more sustainable, more livable future for everyone.  Closed system geothermal is a technology whose time has come.